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EURO 2020 Prediction Competition

Get started by downloading the spreadsheet now!

With the next International football tournament round the corner, it is time to launch our EURO 2020 (2021...) prediction competition. This proved extremely popular in 2018 for the world cup so we thought we'd give it another go and make it even bigger and better!

To enter, simply download the Excel file to your computer and fill out your predictions in the spreadsheet. Everywhere you are required to make a prediction has an orange shaded box like the one below.


Most of the selections contain a drop down list which will contains all of the possible selections for that prediction. If a field does not contain a drop down list, type your prediction in as normal. 

Once all required predictions have been made, simply save the spreadsheet as [YOURFULLNAME] and send it back to us using the form below. Alternatively email it to us at upperbeedingfc@outlook.com.

The deadline for entries is 11:59PM on Wednesday 9th June. Any entries after this time will not be submitted.


Another spreadsheet will then be sent out containing everyone's predictions so you can see what everyone else has picked. You can then compare your predictions with others and track your progress throughout the competition. This spreadsheet will be sent before the tournament starts so that the competition is completely transparent and fair for everyone. 

The entry fee is £10 with prizes for at least the top 3 depending on the amount of entries. There is no limit on the amount of entries per person and the competition is open to anyone!

To enter the competition complete the form below
Upload Prediction Sheet

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The deadline for entries has now passed!

Email upperbeedingfc@outlook.com for any queries.