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Upper Beeding Football Club invite applications for the position of 1st Team Manager under the following considerations.


Written application submitted electronically (see below) followed by interview in person, conducted by Club Committee Members, to be held on a date to be mutually agreed. All applications shall be managed in the strictest confidence.


22.00 on Sunday 9 January 2022. The Club retains the right to make an appointment sooner if desired.


Day-to-day management of all 1st Team affairs in line with the principles of the club set out in the Code of Conduct at, including, but not limited to:

  • The management, retention and recruitment of both playing and support staff befitting the level required to maintain the Club’s 1st Team at Step 7 of the FA Pyramid (Southern Combination League Division 2), with aspirations to move the club to Step 6 in due course.

  • To actively work with the Club-appointed Reserves and Under 18 Management Teams to support The Club’s commitment to developing its youth players in a structured environment designed to provide a clear pathway to the 1st Team;

  • To lead the management of the Club’s 1st Team on match days in a manner befitting the principles of The Club;

  • To actively manage, or oversee the m

  • anagement of, regular training sessions that involve the 1st Team, Reserves and U18 Team players;

  • To install and maintain levels of discipline within the playing and support staff that is in line with the principles of The Club;

  • To engage with supporters and sponsors through the club’s social media outlets, and with the local media where required,to promote The Club in an appropriate manner.

Previous experience of managing/coaching/playing at this level is desirable but not essential. Enthusiasm, commitment and willingness to learn and develop within a friendly Club environment at the heart of a local community that respects the role everyone plays in keeping the club going forward will be as important as previous experience. By its very nature, we accept this may be a stepping stone for ambitious managers.

We are looking to make an appointment in good time for the successful candidate to be in place in leading all preparations for the season 2022/23.

Applications should be sent by e mail to UBFC Club Secretary,

Interested candidates may contact Dave for a conversation in strictest confidence prior to submitting an application on 07710 900629.

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