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We are excited to announce Jamie Parsons as our new First team manager for the upcoming season.

Jamie Parsons, also known as JP, is well known to the club. As well as being a player for many years, he successfully led our reserve team for three years, taking them to an all-time high of 3rd place in the West Sussex premier division. Jamie returned last year to guide the first team in the latter half of last season resulting in an important five-match unbeaten streak at the end of the campaign.

Joining Jamie is Rob Corcoran, an accomplished coach in his own right. Rob founded and managed AFC Gatwick between 2017 and 2021. With brief experience at Horsham Crusaders and St Francis Rangers as well , Rob is an experienced coach who is a great addition to the team.

Jamie said "I am really looking forward to a new beginning for the club, the players towards the end of the season showed the character and ability that we want from our group. The new management team has been boosted by adding Rob, who can help us guide the club to new levels. With the support of Tom and Guy in place, I believe that this group can compete with the best teams in the league."

Work is already underway to rebuild the club on and off the pitch after a disappointing campaign last season, with further announcements coming soon.

Welcome, Jamie and Rob, to the Upper Beeding family. Together, we hope to achieve success on and off the pitch!

Up the Beeding!


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