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Our current Treasurer is retiring at the end of the season after many years of excellent service. We are looking for a volunteer to join our Executive Committee as Club Treasurer with effect from June 2021. A full handover of duties together with any training will be provided.

If you are interested and wish to know more, please contact the UBFC Club Secretary, Dave Rowland,, 07710 900629


  • Maintain full and accurate records and accounts of all Income and Expenditure, with supporting papers, invoices, receipts etc

  • Maintain and fully reconcile the Clubs bank accounts and bank mandates with HSBC Bank

  • Support the transition to Electronic banking and a move towards ‘cash free’ transactions

  • Be custodian of the Club Card Reader machine, and reconcile all transactions to the Bank account.

  • Prepare the Club books for independent audit at the end of the Financial Year, and attend and present annually the Audited figures and Financial Reports to the Club AGM each June.

  • Attend Club executive committee meetings and present up to date financial summary reports of the Club’s financial position

  • Ensure good governance processes are in place on expenditure, sponsorship and donations etc to ensure funds are utilised appropriately and for the purpose intended, and to minimise any risk of fraud or to the future sustainability of the Club in its purpose to provide sport and recreation to the local community.

  • Collect outstanding fines from players and club members (good luck with that one!)

As we have no intention of joining the European Super League, you will not require experience of:

  • Global TV rights contracts

  • Players agents and contracts, and media rights

  • Hedge funds and foreign currency markets

While an interest in grassroots football would be great, it is not essential. A desire to voluntarily bring financial experience and skills to a hard working, local organisation are of greater importance in the role you can play to sustain and develop our Club.


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